Tips for preparing the perfect brisket

Pitmaster Tracy Hutchins shares tips for preparing the perfect brisket. Hutchins has locations in Frisco and McKinney and will be at the upcoming Texas BBQ Experience.

Tips for Preparing the Perfect Brisket

Purchasing Your Brisket:
Visit your local butcher and start with a 10-12-pound range brisket and keep in the package refrigerated for 30-40 days at about 34-36 degrees. This is called wet aging, which is the process of letting the meat sit in the proper environment allowing the enzymes to naturally break down and allowing the brisket to become more tender. 

Preparing Your Brisket:
When you are ready to cook the brisket, remove brisket from wrap and trim off excess fat. Keep a layer of fat about ¼ inch thick. Brush the entire brisket with your favorite sauce, (See Hutchins BBQ's simple sauce recipe below.) Once the brisket is covered with the rub, apply a heavy coating of rub. (See Hutchins BBQ's simple rub recipe below.) Let the brisket set to room temperature for about one hour.

Combine ingredients for Hutchins BBQ Sauce:
    2/3 parts Mustard
    1/3 parts Dill Pickle Juice

Combine ingredients for Hutchins BBQ Rub:
    1-part Kosher Salt
    1-part Coarse Ground Pepper

Smoking Your Brisket:
Heat smoker or barbecue to 225 degrees. Place brisket fat side down on your smoker or barbeque rack, cover the lid and do not open. Smoke one hour per pound of brisket or until thermometer inserted into brisket reaches 195-degrees. Remove brisket from smoker and wrap tightly with wax-free butcher paper. Let brisket rest for 4-5 hours.

Cutting and Serving Your Brisket:
Unwrap the brisket on a cutting board and cut across the grain into ¼ inch thick slices. Serve with extra sauce and enjoy!