Students pack care kits for North Texas' homeless

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Students at one North Texas school are on a mission to look beyond themselves and help the homeless.

Every other week, students at Trinity Christian Academy gather together to make care packages to be given out to the homeless.

This week, about 30 kids showed up to school early to work on filling the “Reach Every Corner” kits with food, water and hygiene products.

The idea came from 17-year-old Danielle Parker. Over the years her family has put together bags to hand out to the homeless. She thought, why not do it on a larger scale?

Now she’s overwhelmed with how many classmates, staff members and even students from other schools have pitched in.

“It’s definitely humbling and like really cool to see that people like have a heart to do this and be able to serve. And so it’s been really cool to see it be picked up in the lower school and not just the high school and have faculty come to some of the meetings and have parents come to pick up some of the bags and keep them in their cars. It’s been really cool,” she said.

Once the kits are packed, the students, parents and teachers pick up the care kits throughout the year to share with those in need.