Spring Pea Salad

Preserved Lemon Celery Seed Vinaigrette:

1 preserved Lemon, chopped including rind and meat

1 cup Lemon juice

1 Tsp Sugar

1 Tbsp Celery Seed, toasted and grinded

1 Tbsp Salt

2 cloves Garlic, chopped

2.5 cups olive oil

  1. Mix everything together and set aside.

3 oz. of Blanched Beans (combination or one of snap peas, snow peas, and fava beans)

1 oz. mixed radishes sliced thin

1 Tablespoon Preserved Lemon vinaigrette

2 leaves basil, torn

2 leaves mint, torn

1 Tbsp dill, rough chopped

2oz. Burrata cheese

Frisee lettuce 

2 Tbsp Candied Bacon, chopped fine

Garnish with olive oil

  1. In a mixing bowl put Blanched Beans, radishes, and tablespoon of Preserved lemon vinaigrette, salt and pepper. If more dressing is desired add more.
  2. Add basil, mint, and dill to bowl.
  3. Arrange in a circle on serving plate and make a hole in center. Lay burrata in center of veg.
  4. Garnish with a few strands of frisee and radish.
  5. Top with candied bacon and drizzle with olive oil