Smoked Pork Ribs

Smoked Pork Ribs
Emma and Travis Heim - owners of Heim Barbeque

1 Rack “St. Louis cut” Pork Spare Rib
Pickle Juice
Dry Rub—store bought or homemade
Apple cider vinegar
Aluminum foil

1.    Trim any excess fat or silver-skin off the ribs
2.    Remove membrane on the backside of rack
3.    Apply mustard/pickle juice slather
4.    Apply dry rub
5.    Move ribs to smoker at 250* temperature
6.    Smoke until nice dark red color has developed and bones start to pull away from the meat
7.    Spray liberally with apple cider vinegar to keep moist
8.    After 2 hours, spray ribs again with apple cider vinegar and wrap tightly in aluminum foil (can add BBQ sauce of your choice when wrapping in aluminum foil)
9.    Smoker for 1 hour wrapped in foil, then remove foil and smoke 1 more hour unwrapped or until fall apart tender
10.    Let ribs rest at room temperature to cool down to 150-160* internal temperature
11.    Slice, eat, enjoy!