Shrimp Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

2 ea Mint leaves
4 ea Cilantro leaves
1 oz Vermicelli noodles
1 Tbl Carrots, shredded
1 Tbl Lettuce, shredded
1 Tbl Bean sprouts
1 Tbl Green onions
3 ea Cooked Shrimp
1 ea Spring roll wrapper

Briefly submerge rice paper in warm water and lay on cutting board 

Place all ingredients except shrimp in spring roll wrapper by making a pile approx 3" x 1"

Roll 75% closed as tight as possible without ripping paper. Lay shrimp in with red side facing out and finish rolling

Finished roll should be 4" x 1.5"

Slice each roll in half and serve with peanut sauce

Peanut Sauce

1.5 cup Peanuts, roasted
6 Tbl Tamarind puree
4 Tbl Brown sugar
1/2 cup Hoisin sauce
2 Tbl Oil, vegetable
¼ Cup Water
2 Tbl cup Garlic, sautéed until golden in Tsp vegetable oil
1 tsp Crushed red pepper
1 Tbl Sambal chili sauce

Place all ingredients in food processer and mix until incorporated. Does not need to be totally smooth.