Polish Sausage and Navy Bean Soup

Serves 6 as a starter or two entrée portions

Olive oil 2 t
Butter, whole 2 T
Carrots, peeled, sliced .5 c
Celery, sliced .5 c
Onion, white, peeled, diced .5 c
garlic, peeled, sliced 1 T
red chili flakes small pinch
cherry tomatoes, halved 1 c
kale, washed, stemmed, cut 1 c
White navy beans with juice 1 can
Polish sausage, sliced 8 oz
chicken stock 3 c
salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

1. Preheat a medium soup pan, over medium low heat.
2. Place butter in pan & oil and allow to foam.
3. Add garlic and chili flakes, cook until aroma is apparent.
4. Add veggies and sausage, cook until kale is lightly wilted.
5. Add stock. Simmer.
6. Cook slowly approx. thirty minutes.
7. Season to taste and serve.