New Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride opens at Six Flags

There's a "spinsane" new ride at Six Flags Over Texas. FOX 4's Shannon Murray is at the park in Arlington to test it out with Good Day’s newest reporter -- Ashley Paredez. They're up for the thrill.

The Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride features a unique triple-box design and spins people around on three separate axels. Riders go forward, backward and sideways while 70 feet in the air.

Like the Joker's famous sidekick, Six Flags said the new ride “straddles the line between sanity and insanity.”

On a side note, FOX 4 Meteorologist Evan Andrews said his son works for the company that built the ride.

“He's been working on it for months...and today is the day! There is no way in HELL I'm riding it though! I'll wait for the new roller coasters in the works... :D," he said.

Will you give it a try? It opens to the public Saturday in the Gotham City section of the park.