Mexican Chocolate Torte

It's National Dessert Month! Good Day celebrates with Chris Wilmes from Iron Cactus. He makes a Mexican chocolate torte with chocolate ganache, Mexican caramel and vanilla bean ice cream.

Mexican Chocolate Torte

18 each cut brownie rounds (out of sheet brownies)
24 oz bittersweet chocolate discs
24 oz heavy cream
8 oz Cointreau
36 oz toasted salted pecans
36 oz Coronado Cajeta
72 oz real vanilla bean ice cream
1.8 oz mint (for 18 servings)

Pull out one sheet of brownies and use the bottom of the mold ring to cut 18 circles.

In a double boiler add your chocolate, heavy cream and Cointreau. Using a whisk work your chocolate and cream till smooth.

Add the brownies to the bottom of the molds. Using a large skewer pierce the brownie 20-24 times. Add the 2 oz. of caramel sauce to the brownie and let it soak in. Add the 4 oz. of pecan to the inside of the mold. Remove the melted chocolate from the double boiler and ladle into each mold until the chocolate is 1/8 inch from top. 

Place in the freezer for 2 hours until the chocolate torte is firm. When ready to serve, heat the sides of the mold and remove the mold and bottom and place on a plate. Add a dollop of whip cream and mint sprig to the top of the torte. Add the 4oz. of vanilla bean ice cream to the right of the torte with a dot of whip cream underneath to hold ice cream in place.