Jalapeno Marinated Chicken Breast

Chef Tre Wilcox with Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts shares the recipe for a great post-workout meal.

Jalapeno Marinated Chicken

3/4 cup olive oil
3 each jalapeno chile
12 each garlic cloves
3 peeled shallots
1 each bunch cilantro, washed
2 tablespoons cumin seeds
2 teaspoons lime juice
2 teaspoons cracked black peppercorns
4 piece boneless skinless chicken breast

Preparation Place chicken breast into a ziplock freezer bag. Place remaining ingredients into a blender. Blend on high till smooth. Pour marinade over the chicken. Seal and refrigerate overnight or at least four hours.

Remove chicken from marinade, season with salt. Pan sear each chicken breast in grape seed oil using a fry pan, place into over and cook until done.

LINK: trewilcox.com