Bradley Cooper talks about 'A Star Is Born'

Actor and now first-time director Bradley Cooper does it all (almost) in the latest remake of “A Star Is Born.”

Cooper plays a musician who falls in love with a struggling singer, played by Lady Gaga. He gives her the courage to take the stage. As the title suggests, a star is born.

FOX 4’s Shannon Murray met with Cooper Wednesday to discuss the movie.

“Do you feel that additional pressure as an actor to be playing a musician and take on that role?” she asked.

“Oh sure. That’s why I spent three years prepping for the movie. She’s the real deal. So if you don’t believe me as Jackson, I’m never going to be able to tell her story. So there’s no room for error at all,” Cooper replied.

Retired U.S. Marine Jacob Schick from Frisco has a small role in the movie. Cooper met him while filming the movie “American Sniper.”

“Like Jacob, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting incredible people along the way. So if you are creating something, you want to bring them with you,” Cooper said.

It opens in theaters on Oct. 5.