Autumn Mulled Grape Punch

by Tommy The Bartender

Hot mulled grape juice is full of those spices associated with cool weather, family time and Thanksgiving. Since it’s non-alcoholic this juice is a warm and cozy drink the whole family can enjoy.

4 cups Grape juice  
1 Cinnamon stick 
1 Star Anise
6 Cloves
Fresh Ginger (about 3 x 1cm thick slices)
1 Orange – sliced into 6 rounds
2 Slices lemon
*1 Handful fermented grapes
1 tablespoon Maple and light Agave syrup

*Fermented Grapes 
2 cups of Red Grapes
6 tbsp of water/lime liquid
3⁄4 tsp of good quality salt
6 tbsp of organic cane sugar
9 tbsp of filtered water