Ahi Tuna Tower

Celebrate International Sushi Day with this easy do-it-yourself recipe from Sushi Marquee. There will be specials on classic sushi rolls on June 18 at the Frisco restaurant.

Ahi Tuna Tower

4 oz sushi rice
1/2 avocado
2.5 oz crab mix
3 oz Ahi tuna
1/2 tsp each red, green & black tobiko
Wasabi mayo
Shredded dry seaweed paper
3" x 4.5" round food shaper/cookie cutter
Optional plunger or plastic squeeze bottle
Cellophane wrap
Plate of choice
Cutting Board

Cut Ahi Tuna into small cubes. Cut 1/2 avocado in small cubes. 

Place round food shaper on cutting board vertically. Make first layer at bottom of tube with sushi rice. Plunge to pack it and flatten.

Make second layer on top of rice with avocado cubes. Plunge to pack it and flatten. 

Make third layer on top of avocado with crab mix. Plunge to pack it and flatten.

Decorate plate with wasabi mayo (have fun with it!). Transfer filled food shaper to desired plate. Use plunger to push out contents inside.

Add Ahi tuna to top of tower. Garnish with 3 color tobiko. Top tower with shredded seaweed paper garnish.

Take a picture... then mash it all up and ENJOY!!!

LINK: www.sushimarquee.com