Pamper your pet with these 8 gift ideas

Show some love for your four-legged friend this holiday season!

La-Z-Boy Solana Chaise Lounger

Crafted with furniture grade materials including human-grade upholstery,  the La-Z-Boy Solana Lounger is great for pets that tend to sprawl out during sleep but still like the option of having a bolster support for their head and neck. Sitting a few inches off the ground, pets can easily hop onto the Lounger and are protected from hot or cold floors. 
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PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed Curve

Made from human-grade memory foam to ease joint pain and provide maximum support for your four-legged friend, the PupRug memory foam dog bed doubles as an attractive rug. It’s guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years and comes in sizes up to 60”- removable cover is machine washable too! 
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Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets Handmade Wool Cat Cave 

Ecofriendly, washable, soft, cozy, and handcrafted from environmentally safe New Zealand wool- this cat cave is even machine washable! Great hiding place for kitty. Fits cats of all sizes from kittens to large breeds. Flattening the cave allows it to serve as a bed. 
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Dog Med Laser

Manufactured in Canada, Dog Med Laser is a Low-Level Laser that provides your pet with a safe, affordable, and effective at-home treatment for pain relief, inflammation reduction and wound healing.
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B&B Custom Kennels

Forget those ugly wire doggie kennels- this company makes the most beautiful dog kennel you have ever seen.  Select from pre-set designs or make your own modifications.  Now you can create your own luxury wooden dog crate furniture to meet the specifications of your pet and your home's design aesthetic.
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Bully Buddy

Designed to help keep dogs safe while they enjoy their favorite treat. Secures bully sticks, to prevent dogs from choking on the end of the treat.
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PocoPet Ultralight Per Carrier

The amazing ultralight pet carrier, for everyday adventures with your dog (or cat, bunny, & other small pets!) Next time your pup gets tired on a walk, or it's too hot to leave them in the car while you pop into a store, or you need to take public transportation, simply pop your pet into their PocoPet and continue on your way.
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Bissell Bark Bath

BARKBATH™ Dual Use is the faster, easier and less messy way to bathe dogs and clean homes. When accidents occur, simply convert the BARKBATH™ into a portable deep-cleaner. Easily switch-out the shampoo tank and bathing tool with a powerful carpet cleaning formula and deep-reaching suction tool to remove accidents, dirt and spills. Genius! 
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