Next trip... down!

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Wild Weather Swings continue...with freeze warnings for some, and 80 degree temps for all...again!

All about the WIND today, as wind advisories will continue through afternoon. Temps will continue heading down to near 50 (40s west) with 20-35 mph north winds.

Sun early this morning will give way to mostly cloudy skies late AM-Midday as a strong disturbance heads through the colder air. Since the air is fairly dry...we could get some sprinkles or a brief patch of light rain but those will keep temps in the mid 50s all day.

Skies will quickly clear later afternoon as winds subside a bit.

Overnight, we'll still keep a breeze so wind chills will be a factor. By morning, temps will be in the mid 30s from the Metroplex south and east BUT in the lower 30s north and west so FREEZE WARNINGS have been posted.

After a cold sunny start Saturday, we'll rebound to near 60 by afternoon.

Winds will die off at night, so temps will plummet quickly into the 30s...and sheltered locations will again have possible frosts or freezes.

Sunday will see a rapid warmup into the low 70s with mostly sunny skies and a west wind.
That warmup continues into Monday where highs of 80 or low 80s are again likely.

A stronger cold front will nose down at night...setting the stage for a disturbance Halloween. Skies will become cloudy and temps will hold in the 50s all day with RAIN becoming more likely during the afternoon and evening hours.

That should clear out Wednesday ...and then temps will again pop UP as we head into November!