Drying Up...and Heating Up!

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It's ALMOST that time of year...where the weather is on autopilot 'cause it's HOT!

We aren't quite there just yet. Today will still see some showers billow up with daytime heating. Near noon and after, we'll see up to 20% storm coverage (esp. south and west) of the Metroplex. 10% elsewhere. Highs mid 90s, but the Heat Index up to 103.

Tomorrow is down to 10% shower coverage, but staying in the mid 90s for one last day with SE winds.

By mid-week, a large HIGH PRESSURE center builds just north of Texas. That will push us into the upper 90s with the Heat Index near 105...for likely Heat Advisories by late week. Highs may touch 100 in many areas by Friday.

There is a slight hope for isolated showers Saturday PM (SE) as the high weakens a bit and we get more Gulf Moisture for clouds, but nothing to write home about.