80s all week!

It's WARM...until it's NOT. And by then, it's the weekend!

Humid air is in place, and LOW CLOUDS have blown up this morning. They will break for partly sunny skies and highs in the low to mid 80s with a good breeze later. There is a very low (10%) chance for a shower eastern co's with heating.

We'll repeat the process overnight (humid, low clouds) and tomorrow (sun. mid 80s). A weak front will settle onto the Red River Thu. night with a low 10% chance for a storm...although most energy will stay north into Oklahoma.

Friday finds one last warm, humid day with a strong CAP of warm air in place. Unless we get past 90 (not likely)...that cap should hold until evening hours when storms are possible 7pm-4am as a cold front sweeps through. Main threat will be damaging winds...and coverage looks to be about 50%...mainly for DFW north.

Saturday will be WINDY (30mph+) and cool. Clouds, and some breaks with highs in the upper 60s! After a cool start Sunday in the 40s, looks nice as we head back into the low 70s.

Next week warms up rapidly. 80s all week...and storm chances possibly by mid to late week.