The Tex Factor: Big State, Tiny Homes

Admit it, you’re fascinated by tiny homes. We all are! 

Who lives in them and why? Are they affordable? How safe are they? Could you even live in one? 

We visit the community of Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village for the answers. 

Property owner Terry Lantrip talks about why he started the tiny community and why more families are scaling down to tiny town. One couple just moved their tiny home into the village and The Tex Factor was there to capture every moment. 

See how a family of four lives in 306 square feet, and how the pandemic convinced a 35-year-old woman, a tiny home was the way to go.

Plus, a North Texas company shows us how they build tiny homes and why they’re gaining popularity. Take the tiny home tour that no one else can bring you and learn what it takes to go tiny. 

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