Texas To-Do List: Val's Cheesecakes

If there is one thing that the Golden Girls have taught us is that every good conversation involves cheesecake. 

Do you know how to make this dessert? 

The Texas To-Do List checked out the Val's Cheesecakes location in South Dallas, a place where you can learn and help out a good cause.

"Val’s Cheesecakes is a full cheesecakery. So, we sell jars of cheesecake, slices of cheesecake, whole cheesecakes, and we offer classes," said Valery Jean-Bart, the owner of Val's Cheesecakes.


Don't worry if you're not a master chef. All skill levels are welcome in these classes.

"So, a class is two and a half hours. You come in, you unwind, you get the wine served to you, get to know the other classmates. After that, you get your hands dirty with graham cracker, cream cheese and baked cheesecake. Now, during two and a half hours, we have games. We have humiliating questions that we ask you, you know, so it's all in the spirit of fun, but also in the spirit of donating and making sure that these cheesecakes are baked perfectly," said Jean-Bart.

You heard that right. Every cheesecake made in class is donated to a charity near and dear to Val's mom.

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"These cheesecakes are getting donated to Genesis women's shelter," he said.

Don't worry though, you won't walk away empty-handed. In fact, you get to leave with a dessert better than the one you made.

"You don't get to take the cheesecake you make in class, but you get to take an original Val’s cheesecake home. Every single person takes a seven-inch cheesecake home and that has all the toppings that you can possibly want," said Jean-Bart.

Val has dedicated his career to his late mother and spent the last decade telling the world her story. He's now ready to tell his own story.

"This is something that I shared with my mom. We baked the cheesecake every Sunday. So, for the past ten years, I've told that story. My mother's story with the cheesecake will continue to exist for sure, but adding another concept, which is Val’s, not Val’s Cheesecakes," said Jean-Bart. "Val’s helps small business owners with coaching and consulting, the cheesecake classes, and all the cheesecake lifestyle items you need to bake a cheesecake at home; pans, aprons, spatula."


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You can also find a large selection of different products from local vendors who don't have their own brick and mortar store. If you are interested in trying your hand at a cheesecake class, Val shared a helpful tip.

"I think the most preparation that a person can do is to wear closed-toed shoes. I know, right? You come here; you are going to have fun. You are going to dance around these tables for sure. You're going to take the cheesecake home. But most importantly, you're going to get to know the story of how does a Haitian come from Haiti and come to Dallas and bake a cheesecake? That's the story that I want to share with everything your person that attends the class," said Jean-Bart.

You can sign up for a cheesecake class here: https://www.valscheesecakes.com/cheesecake-classes

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