Fort Worth launches recycling education initiative

The city says about 30% of what people are putting in their recycling bins is actually contaminated and ends up in the landfill. So the city is asking people to wait and think about where that item really should be going.

Trinity River trash cleanup underway in Fort Worth

A lot of the trash is a result of the flooding rain we got earlier this week. Runoff drains into the river, and any litter around washes in there with the rainwater. The city's clean-up effort started Thursday and will continue through the weekend.

How new plans to tackle climate change will impact Texas

The federal government is in the middle of rolling out new plans to tackle climate change. FOX 4’s Blake Hanson spoke with the White House's National Climate Advisor, Gina McCarthy, about how those changes will impact Texas.

Unclear how Pres. Biden's energy moves will affect Texas power grid

As record-breaking heat tests the electric grid and wildfires tear through drought-stricken Texas land, President Joe Biden unveiled some initial steps aimed at tackling what he describes as ‘an emergency.’ But it’s still unclear how the initial measures on climate change will impact Texas.