UIL approves playoff changes for team sports

The University Interscholastic League Legislative Council approved a change in how state champions will be crowned in several team sports.

The new playoff structure for UIL sports will be similar to what is already in place for 6A football.

Volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball playoffs will now be split into two state championship brackets.

Under the system, the top four teams from each district will advance to the playoffs. The two advancing schools with the largest enrollment, as of October 2023, will be placed into Division I and the two other schools will be placed into Division II.

Both divisions will then play for separate state championships.


Keller High School softball team has equipment stolen, wins playoff game anyway

The Keller High School softball team will continue on in the 6A playoffs despite their equipment being stolen between games.

Class 1A volleyball, softball and baseball will not be included in the changes.

All schools in the conference would stay in their assigned district for the 2024-2026 alignment.

The new changes will take effect next year.