Roof of new Texas Rangers stadium will open or close in 12 minutes

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The roof of the Texas Rangers’ new stadium is single-paneled and will open or close in about 12 minutes, officials said on Tuesday.

The Rangers unveiled a model of Globe Life Field with a working retractable roof as part of the update on the new ballpark’s construction.

Rangers officials said they generally expect the roof to be open during games early in the season, like in April or May. Once summer hits, they expect the roof to be closed until September. Of course, rainouts are no longer going to be an issue.

Construction on the roof is underway and will be finished in October. The Rangers said they opted for a single-panel roof because it will avoid leaks when it rains.

“If you’re a fan and driving or walking by, you will start to see a big track, literally a railroad track,” said Jack Hill, Rangers Sr. Vice President of Project Development

Over the next six to seven months, fans will also notice giant trusses spanning the entire field.

The retractable roof was the big selling point when Arlington voters approved the $1.2 billion ballpark in 2016. Rangers officials hope it will be a big draw.

“We’ll play the game, start on time, play without interruption, a benefit for fans and eliminate the consideration of whether or not the game is gonna be played on a given night,” said Rob Matwick, Rangers Executive Vice President of Business Operations.

The other big concern with the new stadium is the field itself. No decision has been made yet on whether it will be real grass or artificial turf. The design seemingly provides plenty of light to support a grass field.

“Make it feel like an open air facility minus all the heat or rain,” Matwick said.

The new stadium is set to open in March 2020.