Jerry Jones gives Ezekiel Elliott a ‘Zeke Who?' shirt at contract extension press conference

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Zeke Elliott had 90 million reasons to laugh on Thursday when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave him a t-shirt poking fun at one of the most-tense moments of his holdout.

Jones surprised Elliott with a shirt that had “Zeke Who?” printed on the front and “That’s Who!” on the back. Elliott and Jones both laughed as the two held the shirt up for cameras at The Star.

The shirt is a reference a joke made by Jones to reporters after a preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Jones was answering a question about the Cowboys backup running backs’ performance in the game when he said, "Zeke who?" Jones immediately clarified that he wanted Elliott to know he was just having fun, but Elliott’s agent said two days later that Zeke found the comment “disrespectful.” A few days later, Jones told reporters in the most serious of ways that he had earned the right to joke with Zeke.

But all was forgiven after Jones made Elliott the richest contract offer in NFL history this week. Elliott signed the deal Wednesday that pays him $90 million over six years. Elliott will get $50 million guaranteed. The $15 million-per-year average on the extension surpasses the $14.4 million Todd Gurley got from the Rams last summer.

“We can take this thing to the house with him as the running back. We’ve always known that. There’s no doubt that I’ll go to the mat with Zeke. He’s that important to us,” Jones said.

The Cowboys will start taking preorders online for the “Zeke Who” shirt late Thursday, with in-store sales at the team’s Pro Shops set to begin on Friday, September 13. Proceeds from the shirt sales will go toward The Salvation Army, which partners annually on fundraising efforts with the Cowboys.