Former Texans cheerleader says she was taped, called "skinny fat"

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One former Houston Texans cheerleader is suing the team after she say she was painfully “taped” to make her body appear to be tighter.

Angelina Rose says she was called “skinny fat,” a term she says the coached used for thin women who are not toned.

“[I was told] I needed to work on this if I wanted to continue to perform in the games,” Rose said.

On one instance she was taped before she walked out to the field on game day.

“[My skin was] pulled, stretched and tape.,” Rose said. “I felt humiliated and ashamed of my own body.”

Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, has also filed lawsuits on behalf of five former Texans cheerleaders who claimed they were paid less than minimum wage and subjected to a hostile work environment.

The Texans released a statement after a prior lawsuit saying the organization is proud of the cheerleading program and hundreds of women have enjoyed their experience.