Dirk Nowitzki enjoying ice cream in retirement, reflects on emotional season

NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki has only been retired for about a month and a half but he said it agrees with him.

Dirk stopped by FOX 4’s “Free 4 All” Monday night to chat with Mike Doocy and Sam Gannon. He said he’s been keeping a bit less strict diet, even eating ice cream.

No. 41 said it hasn’t yet sunk in that he has really stepped away from the game.

“Right now it’s almost like another off season minus the diet. I think it’s going to hit me later. It’s going to hit me in a few months. As of now, I’m actually more relieved. I’m glad it’s over. It’s been a great run but some of the pressure is gone now. I can live my life. As of now, I don’t miss it at all,” he said.

Dirk called the Mavericks season end emotional.

“Super emotional... nights that I will never forget for the rest of my life,” he said. “I knew the Mavs had something planned but I didn’t know what. So I was just sitting there like any fan and being surprised by everything.”

Five of his basketball heroes were at his final home game to show him respect.

“That was super emotional, surreal sort of. And for me then to get on the plane and play again the next night was super hard. I was up. I was thinking about stuff. I was reading stuff on Twitter,” the beloved Mavs player said. “And then what San Antonio did for me pregame, you know that huge video... I was looking at it 20 seconds. I was like this is pretty cool and then it just kept going and going and then eventually I just broke down and I was overwhelmed right then and there.”

Dirk said he’ll still be out and about in Dallas.

He’ll host a Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game will be next month at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. Tickets are still available.

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