DeSoto twin brothers headed to Michigan on football scholarships

Twin brothers are among the five students from DeSoto High School who signed a total of over $2 million in scholarships.

Some sibling rivalry may have motivated two twin brothers from DeSoto. Ge’mon and German Green both signed to the University of Michigan on football scholarships.

The twins have done everything together. Now, they’re headed to play college football together.

“We had an opportunity to go to Michigan together and we took the opportunity and have another four years with each other,” Green explained.

The Green twins were among the five DeSoto High School All-Americans who signed letters of intent on Early Signing Day on Wednesday.

Kelan Walker is going to the University of Houston, Josh Jynes is going to Colorado, Byron Hanspard is going to Baylor University.

For students to sign early, students had to already have their grades in order.

Ge'mon will graduation with a 3.4 GPA while German will graduate with a 3.5. They both know it's both academics and athletics that are needed to be successful in Ann Arbor, Michigan.