Defense forces turnovers in Cowboys Blue/White Scrimmage

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The Dallas Cowboy's annual Blue/White Scrimmage kicked off the second week of training camp.

During Sunday's scrimmage, Dak Prescott got some pressure from the defense. He was picked off and the defense forced several turnovers.

"It's good competition. You don't want to come out here and bully on your defense and not have confidence in them so it goes both ways. I think just watching practice – what' is it eight practices?  You can say that it's back and forth, back and forth. They win a drill. We win a drill. They may win one day but we come back and we respond the next day," Prescott summed up the drill.

Ezekiel Elliott still hasn't shown up for practice so the holdout continues.

Also, All-Pro guard Zack Martin has some irritation in his back. He said he isn't sure how long he'll be out.

But, he said he feels good about his progress and will try to get back to the field as soon as possible.