Dallas Cowboys welcome Santa Fe HS players

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The Dallas Cowboys reached out to some families affected by the Santa Fe High School shooting in May. They were guests at the team’s practice in Frisco Tuesday night.

The tragic school shooting is still fresh for those in the Santa Fe community. Tuesday night gave them a little relief from the pain at least for a night.

At the invitation of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, some members of the high school’s football team and their families watched the practice at The Star.

Afterward, they met several of the Cowboys including quarterback Dak Prescott, head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones.

It was an opportunity for the Santa Fe community to see the tremendous support they have from across the state.

On May 18, a gunman shot and killed two teachers and eight students. One of them was Christopher Stone. He was on the high school football team and a big Cowboys fan.

Tuesday night’s event allowed friends and family to feel connected to him.

“He was buried in an Emmitt Smith jersey. We wanted to do a Jason Whitten jersey bit it wouldn’t fit him. That was his jersey but he laid with his 22 jersey, Emmitt Smith. And he had the Dallas Cowboys casket. The Dallas Cowboys sent him flowers,” said Chris Stone, Christopher’s dad.

Those from Santa Fe spent the night mingling with Cowboys past and present. They also took photos and got some autographs.

"I'm definitely growing onto the Cowboys now that we have been invited out here. It's really something special and I'm starting to like the Cowboys," laughed Hunter Farris, a Santa Fe High School senior football player.

The students started school this week. The district, which is located southwest of Houston, has increased security measures and added things like metal detectors and more security officers patrolling on campuses.