World Cup 2026: AT&T Stadium will be called Dallas Stadium for tournament

AT&T Stadium in Arlington will go by a different name for the 2026 World Cup. 

FIFA policies keep stadiums from using non-sponsor corporate names.

That means AT&T Stadium will go by Dallas Stadium for the soccer tournament.

They aren't the only ones. MetLife Stadium will be referred to as New York New Jersey Stadium.

FIFA considers non-sponsor stadium names "ambush marketing" which they say looks to "take advantage of the huge interest in and high profile of an event."


AT&T Stadium and Dallas will host 9 World Cup matches in 2026, including a semifinal

AT&T Stadium and Dallas has been selected to host nine matches in the 2026 World Cup, FIFA announced Sunday. That includes a semifinal match and five group stage matches.

The soccer organization says that it also devalues official sponsorships.

AT&T bought the naming rights to the stadium in 2013.

Arlington residents have been quick to point out that the stadium is not even in Dallas.

Arlington Mayor Jim Ross talked at a news conference on Sunday about the bid being identified as Dallas instead of Arlington.

"Dallas is the biggest city in North Texas. It makes logical sense to call it the Dallas World Cup. It doesn't phase me, it doesn't bother me, I don't care," he said. "The better Dallas' reputation is, the better it affects Arlington."

The entire region will likely be used for things like training facilities and North Texas is still bidding to be the site of the International Broadcast Center and the central referee location and the operating base for FIFA.

"I'm happy that [Dallas mayor] Eric Johnson's city of Dallas is named here, and they're all coming here, and they're playing in Arlington, but they are staying and practicing all over North Texas, so we're all going to get the benefit of it," Ross said.


North Texans excited for 2026 World Cup, but disappointed AT&T Stadium didn't get the final

North Texas soccer fans were disappointed when they found out AT&T Stadium won’t host the 2026 FIFA World Cup Final. However, there's a lot of excitement for what the World Cup means in general for the growth of soccer in the DFW Metroplex.

9 games will be played at Dallas Stadium for the newly-expanded World Cup, including the semifinal. 

The Dallas Sports Commission previously projected at least a $400 million revenue impact to the region by being a World Cup host city, but that number is expected to increase with nine matches being played here.

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That's the most of the 16 North American cities selected to host World Cup games.

The other cities that will host games are Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Mexico; Kansas City, Atlanta, Houston, Monterrey, Mexico City, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, New Jersey.