Wylie teacher, son arrested after alleged sex assault at NYE party

A Wylie East High School teacher and her teenage son were both arrested on charges surrounding an alleged sex assault at New Year's Eve party.

Wylie police say Kristi Crawford, 46, held the party and served alcohol to minors. Her 17-year-old son, Jacob Crawford, is accused of the sexual assault.

Wylie ISD says Kristi is on leave and that Jacob will be disciplined over the incident as well.

Police first got a tip this Tuesday about a New Year’s Eve party that was hosted by Kristi at a home in the 2900 block of Glendale Drive. Property records list the address as her home, which is about a five-minute walk from the school.

Neighbors say they didn't notice anything unusual the night of the party.

“I was just at home with my family, celebrating the new year. We were inside,” neighbor Colin Murray recalled. “Didn't really hear anything that seemed out of the ordinary.”

But a police investigation found Kristi had given alcohol to kids. Detectives talked to kids at the party, one of them who said they were sexually assaulted.

Police arrested Crawford on Wednesday for giving alcohol to the kids and arrested her son for sexual assault of a child. Both of them were booked into the Collin County Jail.

FOX 4 reached out to Kristi for comment. She opened the door for a reporter but didn’t say a word before closing it.

"As soon as we became aware of the allegations we started investigating,” Wylie ISD said in a statement. “Because of the nature of the allegations, we immediately notified the Wylie Police Department."

Police have not yet released the arrest warrant which might provide more information on what happened.

Wylie ISD declined to comment further than a statement saying it is an active case.