Women seen rummaging through cars in Mesquite neighborhood

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Mesquite police are searching for a pair of women, seen on home surveillance video, burglarizing cars.

The break-ins happened during the day, in an ally. One does the dirty work while the other acts as a lookout.

“We have no windows on this side that's one reason why we installed the cameras,” said homeowner Theresa Hough.

On May 15th, Hough says her family was having dinner inside their home on Penrose Drive, when a neighbor came to the door to tell them he saw a woman rummaging through their car.

The Hough’s played back their surveillance video and saw a woman going through the car, while another woman sat in the passenger seat of a getaway car, with the engine running.

The neighbor told police he startled the two and they fled, but overheard one of the women call the other “Jamie” as they made their escape.

Every home in the neighborhood has a driveway that can only be accessed through the alley. At least three homeowners, including the Hough’s, report their cars were rummaged through.

Mesquite police believe the women were driving a white, newer model, Nissan Murano.

Hough says the duo stole two pairs of designer prescription glasses, valued at $800. Her sense of security was also shattered, “I do hope she gets caught ‘cause I don't want her to continue on the path that she's on and steal from people, that's just not right”.