Woman hospitalized after Sunday dog attack in Dallas

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A woman is recovering after being attacked by a dog in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas.

Willie Freeny says his sister was walking another dog Sunday afternoon in the 800 block of N. Pleasant Woods, when the two dogs across the street got out of their yard.

Freeny says his sister suffered bad bites to her legs from one of the animals and had to be taken to the hospital.

FOX 4 arrived at the scene before animal services and saw the dog responsible for the attack was still covered in the victim's blood.

"Before she even knew it, that dog was on her at that time, so she was trying to fight the dog off of her and so that's when I came, seen the dog on her at that time, so that's when I got the stick and tried to fight the dog off of her as well," said Freeny. "I mean the dog would always get loose all the time and he would bite but he'd never attack."

It's not clear exactly how the dogs got out of their yard or if the owners will be charged.

The incident is similar to another dog attack last June in Southwest Dallas. Ronnie Bell's arm had to be amputated after four dogs got out of their yard and attacked him, while he was walking home from a convenience store.

The dogs were put down.