Woman attacked and robbed while walking on Katy Trail

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Dallas police are looking for two suspects caught on camera using credit cards stolen from a woman after they allegedly attacked on Katy Trail.

The victim says she was walking on Katy Trail Friday night two weeks ago when she was leaving a restaurant and heading back home. That’s when she was suddenly attacked, knocked down and robbed.

The attack was sudden and heavy-handed. Elizabeth says she walking on the trail near Knox Street when she was knocked down from behind. She did not want to share her full name since her attackers have not been caught.

“I just remember getting up and feeling the pain in the back of my head and just figuring out that I needed to walk and get help,” she recalled. “I was thrown down to the ground. When I got back up, my purse was gone and my phone, and there was nobody in sight. It was very dark on that part of the trail.”

Those who use the trail often say they hadn't heard about the robbery but are taking extra precautions anyway.

“I avoid it at all costs, even like at night,” said Anne Mason Jackson. “If I don’t see people around, I would still head back to the neighborhoods and stuff.”

Dallas police published images of the two suspects seen using the victim's stolen credit cards at multiple 7-Elevens within an hour of the attack.

Police say the suspects are 18 to 22 years old. One is 5’6” and the other is a little taller at 5’10”. Both of them pulled up in a white truck.

Elizabeth learned her stolen driver’s license turned up in a Dallas apartment complex dumpster. A maintenance man found it with another license stolen from a Highland Park home a few hours later after her attack. The homeowner said the thief jumped their fence, which backs up to Katy Trail.

Dallas police say they can't confirm a link between the two crimes but want people to take a good look at the suspects’ photos in hopes of getting some answers.

“I just don't wish it on anybody,” said Elizabeth. “Honestly, I'm probably luckier than I realize. It could have been a lot worse.”

Elizabeth says she is still physically recovering. Doctors have told her she may have torn a rotator cuff during the attack. She says she's still dealing with pain every day.