Woman accused in Dallas dentist's murder awaits extradition

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Brenda Delgado (Photo: Agencia de Investigación Criminal)

The attorney for a woman involved in the murder of a Dallas dentist said his client was supposed to turn herself into authorities -– not get arrested by Mexican officials.

Dallas defense attorney George Milner, who is representing Brenda Delgado, says the woman on the FBI’s Most Wanted List had planned to turn herself in to Mexican authorities on Saturday. Instead, she was arrested in a small Mexican town on Friday.

“The plan was, if everybody had done right, she’d be here right now,” said Milner, hired last week by Delgado’s family but who has not yet spoken to the suspect. “I would’ve met her at length yesterday at the Dallas County Jail.”

Delgado is accused of being the mastermind behind the September hit of Dr. Kendra Hatcher at her uptown apartment parking garage. Two people were arrested for carrying out the crime.

Delgado is being held in Mexican prison awaiting extradition to the U.S.

Attorney Sanjay Mathur is experienced in extraditions but not involved in the case. She says she expects Delgado to waive her right to any expedition hearing since she was planning surrender.

 “I would imagine that she'd be back in custody within a month if she waives the extradition treaty,” said Mathur. “In fact, the order would then be entered in so the hearing would be waived unless there’s already a warrant for her. It’s just a matter of getting her over here.”

"The story is just crazy,” said Delgado’s attorney, George Milner. “She went to the Dallas Police Department voluntarily and sat down with detectives for hours answering all of their questions. If they had any evidence that proved she had some connection to this, they would’ve arrested her.”

The district attorney's office says it has sixty days to make a formal request for extradition to the Mexican government.