Wise County officials prepare for more flooding

The emergency management planners in Wise County are preparing for more water rescues as more rain is in the forecast.

First responders are staging teams in anticipation of evacuations and stranded drivers and homeowners.

Texas Task Force 1 has staged its rescue boats in Bridgeport as the threat of rising water continues. Wise County has shut down several of their roads where they cross the Trinity River.

Nevesta Jones watched her property become slowly consumed by flood waters. Over the past 48 hours, it has come up within 20 yards of her home. With more rain in the forecast for Wednesday night, she's getting a little nervous.

"Thirty acres back here and probably 30 acres of land back here in water,” said Jones. "My house had never flooded but you know it's scary when it keeps raining like last night.

On the other side of the lake from Jones’ home, Highway 380 in Runaway Bay is shut down. The One Stop convenience store has partially flooded. SKY 4 got video of people helping stack sand bags around the gas station to keep the water out. So far, it hasn't destroyed anything in the neighborhood convenience store.

“If we can keep it from breaking the walls and breaking into this in a massive amount of water, we can contain it and control it,” said Berry White, owner of the convenience store.

There is a serious concern for even more flooding Thursday and Friday. White said last spring's flooding cost him around $50,000. He's not sure how his convenience store will survive if that happens again this year.

There also the concern about flooding downstream. Lake Bridgeport empties into Eagle Mountain Lake which empties into Lake Worth. The effects of this may be felt over the next 4 or 5 days.