What's Buggin' You: Street Confusion

The words ‘drive’ and ‘circle’ are causing confusion in one Seagoville neighborhood. Residents say their address numbers leave people turned around and lost.

It's been bugging the neighborhood for years so they turned to FOX 4’s Saul Garza for help.

Amber Mefford has lived at the same Seagoville address for 37 years at 1406 La Fonda Circle. She says it’s a nice but confusing neighborhood because around the corner is 1406 La Fonda Drive.

The close similarity between the two homes is driving residents mad, especially when they call 911.

“We have to go to that block, leave our house, chase them down run and tell them we're on this side,” said Mefford.

“We have to stand in the yard and wave them down or they pass us by,” said resident Sybill Castro.

Phyllis Traynham says it happened to her not too long ago

“If it had been someone with heart attack, those few seconds might make a big difference,” Traynham said.

The horseshoe-shaped street has about 30 homes on it. How they are numbered has many people on the block scratching their heads.

“It goes from 1400 block to 1700 block back to 1400 and into 1500,” explained Mefford.

“I think they had one too many,” said Traynham.

It was no laughing matter for Debbora Driggers. She says last month Dallas County's fugitive apprehension team came knocking on her door with a warrant, looking for who she thought was her daughter.

“And I didn't realize it wasn't my daughter until police came and they started talking to them,”
 said Driggers. “All this was wrong and they actually found out they were at the wrong house.”

They were looking for the house on La Fonda Circle, not Drive.

“I have medical equipment that has to be delivered,” said Castro. “They deliver it over there.”

People in the neighborhood say they've approached the city over the years asking for changes but they say no one has addressed the address confusion.

“Make it all a circle instead of drive,” suggested Castro.

“Rename the street so the controversy don’t keep going,” said Mefford.

In a statement, the Seagoville city manager says the houses were built 44 years ago and is impossible to know whether the developer or city staff came up the address numbering.

Residents can petition the city for an address change which would require a public hearing and ordinance change. Any changes to official documents, like deeds, would be the residents' responsibility.

The city manager says to help alleviate any confusion, new signs have been ordered to and will be placed in four key locations on the block. They've already been ordered and will go up as soon as they are in

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