What's Buggin' You? Stray Golf Balls

Neighbors of a golf driving range say things are finally on par. They are no longer teed off thanks in part to FOX 4’s Saul Garza.

In October of 2010, FOX 4 visited with residents of the Ivanhoe Apartments in North Dallas. They recounted their experiences living next to Top Golf on Park Lane.

“The little ball broke the window to my daughter’s room,” one resident said.

Apparently Top Golf’s 85-foot net was not tall enough for bad golfers.

Residents said they would no longer sit on their porch and errant balls often broke apartment and car windows.

“It’s like being in Vietnam, having to be ducking because the balls come over your head,” another resident said

Zach Murphy, a representative from the apartment’s management company, said Top Golf was always responsive, paying for the damage. But in just one year more than 200 windows had to be replaced.

In 2010, a representative from the driving range told FOX 4 it was working on a resolution, but needed special permission from the city to put up a higher net.

The new nets were finally approved and are now 40 to 50 feet higher.

“We used to get 35 to 40 balls coming over hitting the building, hitting cars, breaking windows every day. Now there are a couple of really really good golfers who are able to make it over those nets, but it’s very rare,” Murphey said.

The residents said they feel much safer now.