Weatherford police release video of Christmas Eve shootout with suspect

Weatherford police released additional video footage of a shootout between officers and a suspect who was later discovered to be a person of interest in a homicide in Michigan.

Police in Weatherford say on Christmas Eve they approached the suspect's car after receiving a call from a woman in Georgia who said she had been carjacked.

According to the caller her AirPods pinged to an address in Weatherford.

Person of interest in Michigan murder killed in shootout with Weatherford police

When police arrived at the location the driver took off leading police on a chase across the city before eventually crashing into an uninvolved car at Ric Williamson Memorial Highway and HWY 180.

Source: Weatherford Police

After the crash the suspect gets out of the car and starts shooting at the officers.

Body camera video from one the officers one scene shows him dropping to the ground for cover as the officer and suspect exchange gunfire.

Video from a nearby home shows the suspect hop a fence and run onto the median, firing back at the officers as he runs.

The suspect was hit multiple times by police.

In altered body camera video you can hear officers talking about applying tourniquets to the man's body.

He died at the scene.

The suspect was eventually identified as 32-year-old Michael Delaney of Minnesota.

Michael Delaney (Source: Weatherford Police)

Delaney was named a person of interest in a homicide on Dec. 17 in Benton Township, Michigan, about an hour south of Grand Rapids.

Earlier this week Weatherford police released some video from the scene along with photos of a bullet hole in a police cruiser and a gun found near Delaney.

No officers were injured in the shootout.