Waxahachie school's greenhouse vandalized… again

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Vandals recently caused more significant damage at a Waxahachie middle school. It was the second time it’s happened.

Students at Finley Junior High have been working to repair their greenhouse and garden ever since vandals trashed it back in July.

Monday the school discovered someone had broken windows, pulled up plants and broken pots.

The kids, however, aren’t letting it get them down. They pulled together quickly to clean up the mess.

“Some parents volunteered. We had our maintenance department come in and really help clean up. Our teachers, we had some students stay after school. After the initial shock, the emotional hit, I think we responded very well,” said Principal Adan Casas.

The school will replace four broken windows and volunteers will have a work day Saturday to finish the repairs.

The school said it does not need donations at this time.