Water main break spews water for 6 hours in Irving

A water main break in Irving turned a sunny Sunday into a shower.

The break was so big, even firefighters were relating it to a geyser.

"We talked about that,” said Irving Battalion Chief Heidle Baskin, ”It's a cheap trip to Yellowstone right now."

The 18-inch water main break that happened before 3 P.M. Sunday, near Walnut Hill Lane and Belt Line Road in Irving, causing some evacuations, in case the power lines taking a beating above were to fall. Crews finally managed to get it turned off just before 9 P.M.

"These mains normally have about 70 pounds of pressure, so that's kind of the pressure, but you're just seeing so much volume,” said Baskin. 

ONCOR sent crews out but determined power did not need to be turned off. In the meantime, the water department spent hours trying to determine how the water could be shut off.

People in the area were stunned at the sight and concerned amount the amount of water being released.

"Still haven't figured it out. Police been out here. Fire trucks. We have no idea when this is going to stop," said Ameka Adibe.

“Our biggest concern, if we were to have a fire in the neighborhood or close, it would definitely hamper our water pressure, or if we had any major fires, but other than that, it's going to be an inconvenience for a while,” said Baskin.

We don't know how much water has poured out because of this break.