Walmart shoppers help stop shooting suspect

Witnesses say bystanders stopped a man who fired shots inside a Walmart in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas, Tuesday night.

Esparanza Garcia, and her mother Maria, just left a register with their shopping bags and noticed a suspicious man.

“He already had his gun drawn. He had his gun out and he went straight to the cash register,” said Garcia.

Police say it was 36-year-old Marcus Booker.

“He was like give me the money,” said Garcia.

She says the cashier froze. Out of frustration, police say Booker fired several shots into the floor and at the register.

Garcia and other shoppers ran for the exit.

One shopper, Julio Garza, saw everyone running outside and decided to head towards the commotion to help.

Police say Booker fired one more shot before heading into the parking lot, where he fired two more gunshots.

A responding police officer confronted Booker. Police say he refused to drop the gun and started ducking between cars.  Booker was hit by one car. Police say he eventually dropped the gun and ran right into another shopper who tricked him into thinking he would help him get away.

“He said do you need a ride. He said yes, as soon as he turned around the other guy grabbed him by the neck, but couldn’t take him down,” said Garza.

That’s when Garza swooped in to help.

“I jumped on top of them, and held his hand, until the cops showed up,” said Garza.

Booker was arrested and is in the Dallas County Jail charged with aggravated robbery.

“I’ve never been the perfect guy you know, but it was time to do the right thing,” Garza said.