Voice of Fort Worth serial robbery suspect caught on video

Fort Worth PD is hoping someone recognizes the voice of a serial robbery suspect they're trying to identify.

Officers say the men in the surveillance video are behind at least eight other robberies in the past three weeks. In one of the cases, a person was shot.

“His voice is slightly muffled from the mask he's wearing, but it’s fairly distinctive,” said Fort Worth Police Det. Brian Raynsford. “If you recognize the voice, hopefully you recognize him and call us. These individuals are responsible for eight separate aggravated robbery offenses, including the offense in which a clerk was shot Friday evening.”

The shooting happened near Brentwood Stair Road and Weiler Boulevard.  Police say after the clerk was shot, he managed to get to the Texaco gas station next door and get help.

"These folks are incredibly dangerous. They show a very high propensity to use violence. They show no qualms about using violence,” Raynsford said. “The manner in which these offenses have occurred is increasing in violence, and we'd like to get these people identified and off the street before anyone else gets hurt.”

An auto parts store on McCart is another business police say the suspects have hit.  During another robbery, investigators say they fired at a clerk but missed.

The eight aggravated hold-ups began about a month ago on March 27th. The fact that one was recorded with a technology upgraded surveillance system gives police hope that someone recognizes the voice and can help the investigation.

"You get a feel for what the clerk and the witnesses were going through at the time,” Raynsford said. “It’s one thing to see the video of this occurring. It’s another to hear the audio part. You can see exactly or hear what was being said to the clerk and how the clerk was threatened.”