Viking burial site discovered in backyard in Norway

Picture this. You're doing a bit of casual gardening in your backyard when all of a sudden you come across an ancient Viking grave site equipped with shields, knives, the whole nine yards—worried about curses? 

Well, that just happened in a backyard in Oslo, Norway, where archeologists were brought in to excavate a site in the city's Holmen neighborhood. 

The city's antiquities authority, Byantikvaren i Oslo, posted pictures of the burial site on Facebook showing things like shields and ring buckles used for cloaks being unearthed. 

Knives, a sickle and horse equipment were also found according to the agency.  

"The grave was located directly under a thin layer of topsoil and turf right on the east side of the highest point on the site, with a fantastic view," Marianne Bugge Kræmer, the archaeologist who uncovered the grave, told Science in Norway on Thursday, Dec. 22.

Archaeologists said no human remains were found because Viking burial customs involve cremating the deceased.