Vigil held in Forney for high school softball player

Hundreds of people went to a Forney softball field Saturday night to remember a 14-year-old high school freshman, accidentally killed by a teammate.

The vigil was held on the very field Emily Galiano grew up playing on.

"Just a clutch hitter. She was an outfielder, and now she’s our angel in the outfield," said Coach Pat Eitel

Galiano was leaving a team dinner Tuesday night, when a group of the girls were joking around in a Jeep. Deputies say the 16-year-old girl behind the wheel didn't see Emily, and moved the car. Emily got caught under the wheel. She was flown to a hospital, but didn't survive.

Emily's twin sister, Madison, is also on the team.    The girls gave her a group hug, and a cross necklace, Saturday evening. Her older brother, Zach, is graduating in a few days. He, too, was surrounded by the girls.

The team is already feeling Emily's presence. Emily was number six. Friday night, the team won 9 to 3 -- six points difference. Saturday, they won 7 to 5 -- six is in the middle.

"We hit a home run and when it went over,” said Coach Eitel, “I said man those little wings were carrying it over that field. That kid was in tears running around the bases. That's how emotional it is.” The team advances to finals next week.

After the victory Saturday, teammates shared memories of the always-smiling freshman and thanked the Forney community for the support, still needed, as they advance without Emily.

Coach Eitel says the team has received support from people all over North Texas, including members of the Texas Rangers.