Video shows Dallas middle school student being attacked

The vicious attack of a teenager inside of an Oak Cliff middle school boy’s bathroom went viral online this week. Now relatives of students who attend T.W. Browne Middle School are calling for more security in isolated areas of schools.

The video is violent, showing a middle school boy beating and flagrantly stomping on another boy in a bathroom stall at T.W. Browne in Dallas. DISD police tell FOX4 the boy beating the other has been arrested.

"The kid screaming, I literally couldn't sleep just knowing he had to go through that,” said Jorge Rodriguez, who attended the school growing up and now has a little brother who attends T.W. Browne. "I watched it last night and I was just appalled, I was at a loss for words.”

His brother was not involved in the video, but that didn't stop Rodriguez from paying a visit to school to voice his concern.

"I spoke to the principal, he assured me that actions should be taken against the kid,” Rodriguez said.

DISD would only say the district was investigating. Assistant Superintendent Leslie Williams said the fight was an isolated incident and said he was unaware of any other fight videos circulating online from previous school years.

"This is not something that happens on a consistent basis at Brown Middle,” Williams said.

Williams maintains the district is handling the matter appropriately. Jorge Rodriguez hopes so – for his brother’s sake and other kids also.

"I hope that this incident sparks all DISD as a whole to take more precaution in their students,” Rodriguez said.