VIDEO: North Richland Hills Police save dog stuck under shed

North Richland Hills police officers dealt with a problem that was a bit out of the norm earlier this month.

Officers were called to help a 95-pound Rottweiler who was trapped under a shed on July 9.

The dog, named Roxie, apparently was chasing a possum and got herself wedged underneath the shed on Payte Lane.

Nothing the owners or police could do would encourage the dog to get back out, so they started sawing.

NRH Police say that after about 30 minutes of sawing and removing the flooring of the shed Roxie was able to escape.

Roxie is okay, other than being a bit hot, according to police.

The department released the body camera video of the rescue on Friday and sent their kudos to Officers Saunders and Allday for their hard work.