VIDEO: Michael Irvin tries to break up bar fight in North Texas

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was spotted trying and failing to break up a bar fight in North Texas on Monday.

Video acquired by TMZ Sports shows the Hall of Famer trying to calm things down at Knockout Sports Bar.

Irvin, who is wearing the same captain's hat he donned during an appearance on ESPN's First Take earlier in the day, is seen playing pool around 10 p.m. before the fighting begins.

TMZ Sports says the fight started when a man in a teal shirt came up to ask for a photo with Cowboys legend and Irvin's friend told him to back off.

Irvin is then seen talking to the fan, in an attempt to calm things down, but The Playmaker's efforts didn't help. 

The situation quickly turned into an all-out brawl, before things eventually came to an end.

TMZ Sports says police are not investigating the incident.

Irvin has not publicly commented on the fight.