Video: Man damages cars during rampage with skid loader at Home Depot

A man was arrested after he damaged several vehicles while driving a skid-steer loader outside a Home Depot in Nebraska. 

Over the weekend, 36-year-old Samuel Peyrot was recorded ramming a police car with a skid loader as customers took shelter inside of a Home Depot in Lincoln. 

Video recorded by Jaime Mora showed Peyrot becoming surrounded by police after the rampage. 


FILE - Still image taken from video showing man going on a rampage driving a skid loader in Lincoln, Nebraska.

"I went to Home Depot with my family to buy things for the house, I walked out of the store when my family and I noticed a skid loader ramming into cars and other buildings including an ATM and a liquor store. I decided to take videos and pictures to have proof of the incident," Mora told Storyful. 

Peyrot was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault to an officer, assault and criminal mischief, according to local news reports. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.