Video emerges of police shooting unarmed Fresno man

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New video footage released Wednesday shows the final moments of a deadly confrontation between police and a 19-year-old, unarmed Fresno man on June 25.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said officers believed Dylan Noble was about to shoot them during the encounter, learning only after the fatal shots were fired that Noble was not armed, The Fresno Bee reported.

The Bee obtained the new video on Wednesday. It was shot by a witness from a distance of about 100 feet.

The 26 seconds of footage began with an officer commanding Noble, who already was on the ground beside his truck and injured by two previous gunshots, to “Get your hands up!” It’s unclear how Noble reacted, but police fired a third shot at him soon after making the demand. Officers continued giving orders for several more seconds before firing a fourth and final shot at Noble. Throughout the encounter, the trio of officers stood just a few feet from Noble.

Two officers fired the shots that hit Noble, Dyer told the Bee, and both were long-serving veterans of the force. Dyer said the officers were wearing body cameras that give a clearer picture of the entirety of the incident and he planned to release that footage once the investigation into the shooting was complete.


Warning: Video may be considered disturbing.