Victims testify in trial of volleyball coach accused of sex assault

A second victim testified that she was sexually assaulted by volleyball coach Damian Merrick, who she'd known since she was a child and grew up playing volleyball with his daughter.

Before she got on the stand, another teenage girl testified that Merrick gave her and other teens marijuana.

Merrick was arrested in May 2015. He got out on bond but was re-arrested several days later when police learned of the sexual assault in the bathroom. He's on trial for two counts of sexual assault of a child and giving marijuana to teenage girls.

A teenage girl told the jury that in March 2015, Merrick came to her house when her parents were away. He arrived with a 16-year-old girl and brought marijuana. She also testified another teenage friend was already at her home.

That teenager, the one was visiting, told the jury Merrick raped her in the bathroom while the others were outside.

VICTIM:  "Damian followed me into the bathroom."

PROSECUTOR: "OK, what did he do."

VICTIM: "He locked the door and came proceeding into the bathroom."

PROSECUTOR: "What was that."

VICTIM: "He just started walking into the bathroom."

PROSECTOR: "OK, did he do something with your body?"

VICTIM: "Yes."

PROSECUTOR: "What did he do?"

VICTIM: "He had sex with me."

In testimony on Tuesday, another teenage girl testified Merrick used marijuana and alcohol to lure her into a sexual relationship with him. It ended when she made an outcry to her family and police.