Victim took pictures of road rage suspect before death

The nightmare for Alfred Lockett's family started with a phone call from a relative.

“She said Dre is gone. She was crying uncontrollably. I said hold on for a minute. I dropped the phone still half asleep and it had to register,” said Lisa Robinson-Beasley, Lockett’s cousin.

According to witnesses, two cars were seen driving recklessly on Dessau Road on Tuesday. September 12, 2017. The red Toyota had rear damage, from a collision the two had earlier.

“I think they had this collision and the guy probably didn't have all of his documentation in order, and did not want to stop. I think Dre continued to follow him,” said Robinson-Beasley.

According to APD, the drivers pulled into CVS.

That's when police say 18-year-old Juan De Dios Carbajal-Jaimes got out the car and fired shots at 48-year-old Alfred Lockett while he was still in the driver seat, killing him.

Before he died, Lockett captured Carbajal-Jaimes’ license plate, and a photo of him pointing his finger, about two miles from the CVS. “If at any time my cousin were the aggressor, he would've gotten out of the car first,” said Jameca Mitchell, Lockett’s cousin.

“His last words to my knowledge were ‘I can’t believe he shot me,’” said Robinson-Beasley, recalling what a witness told the family.

When officers found the Toyota abandoned on the day of the murder, they found financial documents from Mexico inside, plus a bumper in the backseat. Carbajal-Jaimes is still on the loose.

“You should have gotten him right away. Why is he still out there? Why is he still out there?” said Mitchell.

Lockett lived in Killeen and worked at UT Austin. His family says he was a kind, quiet soul.

Robinson Beasley describes the pain she felt having to spread the terrible news to Lockett’s mother. “She said, ‘I always thought it would be a car accident, or something...not somebody shooting and killing my baby,’” said Robinson-Beasley.

As the family struggles to find peace, they hope this can be a lesson for all to be careful on the roads.

“To hear the story of why he's gone, it was senseless. It was senseless,” said Robinson-Beasley.